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October 2011

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Kia ora to all!

A little update from the Land of the Long White Cloud....

I am currently on my school holidays which seems like great planning on my part seeing as I had 6 weeks off in the UK before leaving, worked for 5 weeks (3 of which were part time) and now I have another 2 weeks off!!! Next term is a short one for NZ, just 8 weeks long and then we break up for the 6 week Summer hols over the Christmas period! Gerald has now been at his job for just over a week and is really enjoying it, unfortunately he started just a couple of days before I broke up from school - c'est la vie! The best bit about NZ life is how much extra time we seem to have in our day as Gerald's commute has gone from around 1 1/2 hours each way to just 15 minutes each way! He now gets home not long after 5 rather than almost 7pm. My commute takes just over 5 minutes which is great but the biggest difference for me is that I am no longer senior leadership and therefore not responsible for anything - I just teach my class of 11 children, attend staff meetings, do my planning and I'm done so my stress levels are hugely reduced which can only be good.

The weather here is typically spring like with sunshine and showers. We have been getting up to temperatures of about 20 but you need to carry an umbrella around at all times as you never know when the next shower will be! Last weekend was mostly sunny and Gerald and I went out and about in the local area doing a little bit of our latest hobby - Geocaching. Through one of the caches we found a really beautiful lookout point just down the road from us which we will definately visit again.
Not only is geocaching a great way to explore an area and see some beautiful sights it can also serve as a great tool to aid a proposal so it seems - we heard the news that our friend Rod proposed to the lovely Toyah through a series of caches each with clues leading up to the magical moment! So congratulations to Rod and Toyah!

The agency that I got my job through informed me that I am eligible for a relocation grant having come from overseas. After I have been working full time for 6 weeks I will be given $2000 tax free and, if the school decide to make my job permanant, after 20 weeks I will get a further $2000. This was music to my ears after working out how much the move here has actually cost me with visa fees, medicals, police checks, flights, shipping the house contents and of course the car.

Talking of the car, it arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning after it's epic journey through 4 continents, making it almost as travelled as I am! After having all it's inspections by MAF and customs it was finally released and then had to go through a very rigorous compliance test and get it's Warrant of Fitness before being released to me so that I could get it registered and get my NZ plates - none of this came cheap of course and thank goodness I was not working and had time to sort it all out. Despite all the charges I am probably still slightly better off having shipped it than trying to sell it and buy the same car out here. So now the move is 100% complete - yay!

This weekend we are having our neighbours over to watch the rugby.....it's a huge weekend for the All Blacks. Everybody is praying that they win the cup on their home turf and that means they have to win against Oz this weekend to secure their place in the final.

Anyway this is where I will sign off

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