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September 2011

Home Sweet Home....

...It's in St Heliers

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Time for an update......
2 weeks ago we moved into our rental place and spent the last 10 days living in an empty shell! Here are a few photos including the beach at the end of our road....
As our ship was not due until September 15th we were making do with a blow up mattress and a beanbag. Gerald's parents lent us a duvet and pillows along with a couple of plates, bowls, knives and forks to tide us over until our things arrived. We had been tracking our ship's journey everyday online and luckily it stayed on course and arrived on time. We had been informed that customs would take between 2 and 4 weeks to give our container the all clear so you can imagine our excitement when we got a phonecall on Monday to say they wanted to deliver the next morning!
Luckily I have had Tuesdays off work whilst I have been part time so we spent about 14 hours unpacking boxes and putting things where we thought they should go. MAF came to the house to do the inspection of the items that could be classed as a biohazard - luckily we 'passed the test' and got the all clear. Everything arrived in one piece which is quite amazing when you think everything we owned spent 7 weeks passing through several continents on the high seas! The house is now totally sorted and we are ready for visitors - we even have a spare room!

Gerald had a phone interview with Sky TV on the Monday and they really liked him so invited him for a second interview on the Tuesday meaning that he disappeared for a couple of hours during all the chaos! However it was worth it as he was offered the job AND we get free Sky TV!!!!

The day we moved in co-incided with the start of the Rugby World Cup, we were planning on heading into the city. I was working all day and by 3pm we were hearing that it was pretty hard getting into the city due the amount of people heading that way so we decided as we had no TV we would head to our local bar down by the beach to watch the game instead. We had just finished dinner when the fireworks started so pretty much the entire bar emptied out as we all crossed the road to watch them from the beach. It was quite spectacular seeing fireworks exploding over the city skyline.

We finally got a phoneline and internet on Friday which was great! Until that point we had been doing daily strolls to the library down the road to use their free wifi. Gerald was spending huge amounts of time there each day as I was at work and being in an empty house by yourself is not much fun! Unfortunately it also brought me the sad news that my Grandma had died. I obviously felt that I should go home for the funeral but Dad told me nobody, including Grandma, would expect me to, having only arrived here about 2 weeks ago and having just started a new job. Kirsten has decided to go home so she will represent me at the funeral which will be in Monday.

Life here is just about sorted, work is going well and I start full time from tomorrow. The only thing we are waiting on now is my car. It has just passed through the Panama Canal and is due here on October 7th, so fingers crossed it will all go as smoothly as everything else has.
So that just about covers the latest news.....

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Day 8 in the land of the long white cloud

sunny 16 °C

We landed in NZ a week ago today and life has been full speed ahead since we did!

In one week quite a lot has been achieved. After arriving, Monday afternoon was spent catching up with family. Tuesday was spent looking for a place to live but having no luck at all and then celebrating my sister Kirsten's birthday. I also got an email to say the agency had arranged 2 interviews for me on Wednesday morning. The schools could not have been more different....one was in a very socially deprived area, multicultural, with a high percentage of illiterate parents. The other was a catholic school in an affluent area, very white middle class, with parents who are heavily involved in school life. The first school interviewed me quite intensely and at the end offered me the job. The second school had a very informal chat with me as I was given a tour of the school and also offered me the job! So Wednesday afternoon was spent deciding which one to go for. I know most people would be thinking 'What's there to think about?' but I actually was tempted by both for totally different reasons.....anyway in the end I went for the 2nd one as it is very close to the area Gerald and I would like to live eventually whereas the other school would have been quite a commute each day down the motorway. I started today, part time for the first 3 weeks, which is quite nice and then I will be full time until the end of the school year in December. It is quite likely the job will become permanent after that which would be handy. I will be teaching the overspill class of New Entrant children (5 year olds for you non-kiwi folk!) so my class will be quite small and grow as the year continues.

Gerald has had a few agency interviews since arriving and so we are now waiting to see what they turn up for him. One of the agencies is trying to set up an interview for tomorrow so fingers crossed that all goes ahead...

We persevered with the rental market and have now found ourselves a lovely 2 bedroom unit in St Heliers, just a stones throw from the beach, for the next 6 months - perfect for the arrival of spring and summer! We move in on Friday and will be able to leave Kirsten and her housemates in peace again. Our new place is unfurnished as we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of all our belongings from the UK. The ship is due in next Thursday but then it has to be cleared by customs and MAF so who knows when we will actually get it all!!! My car will hopefully arrive not long after and in the meantime we have the use of Kirsten's car which is a lifesaver with all the zooming around that we have been doing.

This weekend we drove to Whitianga to visit Gerald's parents and unburden them of all the items they had been storing for us since we left last year! We also caught up with two of Gerald's aunts and an uncle while we were there, joining them for a delicious dinner and some live music in Cooks Beach. After leaving there we headed to Hamilton to stay with Gerald's brother David and his family. Alisa and Hugh, his niece and nephew were pretty pleased to see us and this morning we were woken by two little bodies joining us in bed before they had to get ready for school!

So there you have a week in life of Anita and Gerald!

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