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August 2012

One year on......

Still loving every minute in the land of the long white cloud.

sunny 17 °C

Oooops time has flown by and I think this blog is well overdue!

Going back 7 weeks or so we heard that there was going to be a kite festival to celebrate Matariki (Maori New Year) at Orakei Marae. We decided it would probably be a good chance to dust off the cameras and headed over. It was great getting to the top of the hill and seeing kites of every shape, size and colour flying high. As well as the spectacle of kites in every direction you looked the views beyond were also pretty good with Rangitito and the sea one way and the city skyline the other.

We had a little trip to the Basement Theatre, a tiny theatre in the city that puts on more quirky stuff. This time we went to see Inviting Caroline – a hilarious play about a typical Uni party. It definitely made us laugh all the way through and reminded us that we should head to this venue more often.

The weather has been improving recently – it feels very spring like. I currently have daffodils, freesias, lavender and sweet peas flowering in the garden despite the fact that technically it is still winter here. Our old neighbours moved house and had a housewarming BBQ, not something we would have done in the UK in February!!!

Last weekend we headed to Whitianga to wish Gerald’s mum a happy birthday. On our return journey we stopped off at the farm belonging to our friends Alwin and Daisy. Calving season had most definitely begun and we got to see all stages from enormous, ready to burst cows, little new borns (just one hour old) and the poor cow who was in full blown labour with 2 little legs sticking out! Apparently the poor thing had to be helped along in the end with the calf being winched out about half an hour after we left. A very educational experience!

I have taken up Pilates. I am now 5 sessions in and can say that I really feel it is working. It is so different from other exercise classes I have done in the past. It is so slow, controlled and gentle. You don’t get out of breath or hot and sweaty but despite that I still ache the next day! It sounds like it must be easy but it really isn’t! You have to think about so many things at the same time – breathing, posture, keeping your tummy pulled in and your shoulders relaxed and much, much more!

We have been a bit slack with our geocaching recently however we did make an effort to go out on International Geocaching Day and yesterday we went caching with friends. We headed to a beautiful spot, not too far away, by the water and enjoyed being out in the winter sun. Three finds later we had to head off as we had tickets for the Bledisloe Cup, AllBlacks against the Wallabies.

We headed to the game at Eden Park and met up with our friends, the Hills. The stadium was a sell out and almost a complete sea of black with just the odd cluster of yellow Wallabies supporters here and there. The game had plenty of jump out of your seat moments and we were seated behind the goal posts for the first half so there was plenty of action right in front of us. The fans went home very happy with a score of 22-0 to the All Blacks and, having won the previous game too, they also were presented with the cup despite the third game not having taken place yet.

I guess our blog wouldn't be complete without a kitten update so here they are, all grown up and looking more like cats now that they are eight months old.....

Yesterday was also one year since we left the UK and on Thursday it will be a year since we landed in the Land of the Long White Cloud. And what a year it has been! It really does seem like we have done soooo much in the last 12 months.

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