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July 2012

Skating, Skytower, School Holidays and so much more

Winter in Auckland really isn't too bad!

sunny 15 °C

I realised that it has been over a month since I last wrote on here so it's probably time for a bit of an update....

We have had some busy weekends recently. The weather has been pretty good for the middle of winter so we have been trying to make the most of the sunny days.
We met up with our old neighbours, Mike and Jordan to do a bit of geocaching seeing as it was a beautiful day. This was the view from the first cache we found....
Through work, Gerald was offered free tickets to hear guest speaker Jason Edwards talk at the museum about his career as a National Geographic photographer. This was part of the launch of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We have always gone to see this at the Natural History Museum in London, as the photographs are amazing, so we were really pleased to hear that is was coming to NZ. The photos were great, as usual. Jason Edwards was totally inspirational! He has been on some amazing trips for his work. He was supposed to talk for around 45 minutes but spoke for almost 2 hours!!! To be honest I think we could have listened to him all day.

We had a weekend trip to Hamilton for Gerald's brother David's 50th birthday. We all met at David's place for a catch up as it is not often that all 6 siblings are in the same country let alone the same room! We headed out for dinner and then back to David's for the birthday cake. We had one of those 'It's a small world' moments that night....Gerald was talking to one of David's teaching colleagues about doing their 'Overseas Experience' in the UK. They soon realized that they had both lived and worked in Sunbury. After a little more chat they discovered that Gerald had been living in the house that the woman's grandma used to live in!!!! What are the chances!!???

Schools are currently on their mid year break so Gerald's sister was in Auckland with the kids, Nicholas and Kate. They stayed at ours on Friday night before heading to the snow to ski for a few days. They had been desperate to see the kittens before they got too big!!! The next day we had more visitors as Gerald's Aunt and Uncle were in Auckland visiting their son Tim, his wife Renee and their little girl Chloe. So all five of them came over for a bit of afternoon tea and a catch up.

Gerald decided to take yesterday and Monday off work as I was on holiday. The weekend we went to Hamilton was the 5th anniversary of us meeting so we decided to plan some nice stuff together. On Monday we went ice skating in the city. We were there for opening at 10am which meant we had the ice pretty much to ourselves for quite a while, but by the time we left it was pretty packed.
We then headed to our friends Cheryl and Darren's to have lunch and do some geocaches that had been recently released near to where they live. It was actually nice enough to eat outside despite being winter! We ended up doing 11 geocaches (some involved climbing trees!!) which took us on a long walk through a beautiful park with coastal views. By the time we left the sun was beginning to set.
We went home to check on the kittens before going out for dinner, we had been planning on going to a place called Sugar Bar but it was closed! Instead we stumbled upon a very quirky place, York Street Mechanics, in Newmarket. It is owned by some custom motorbike mechanics, they have turned half of their workshop into a restaurant and display their bikes all around the place!
The food was divine, one of the best steaks I have ever had! We left absolutely stuffed and will definitely visit again.

Tuesday we headed back into the city as we had booked to have lunch in Orbit, the revolving restaurant, at the top of the Skytower. The sun was shining so it was the perfect day to be all the way up there! We indulged in good food and cocktails.
In the last photo you can kind of see where we live....Mount Wellington is the big volcanic mount that is to the right of the sea and back a bit. We live at the bottom of it in a new suburb called Stonefields! The rest of the day we ambled around the city, did a few more geocaches and checked out The Library Bar that we had heard so much about. Another quirky venue worth a visit! As the name suggests the place is packed full of books. I think that everything in the place has been bought from second hand shops and garage sales but somehow it works so well!

The kittens are growing fast, they are now 6 months old. They are still good mates and love to cuddle up, although Roxie has discovered our beanbag and has claimed it as her own. Rufus is most definitely not allowed to share it! Here are some of our latest pics of them.....

So that's about it folks.... Bye!

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