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April 2012

Easter in Auckland

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Hmmm now what have we been up to since the last blog.....

My school celebrated it's 60th Jubilee in a variety of ways - all of which meant I didn't get much of a weekend!!! On the Saturday lots of the children performed for the parents by singing, playing ukulele, performing Zumba and doing the Haka amongst other things. Saturday night Gerald and I attended the jubilee dinner and dance and then on Sunday it was our jubilee mass led by the bishop. Luckily after such a busy weekend we only had 4 days of school before breaking up for the easter holidays!

Easter weekend was fairly quiet, Gerald and I decided to spend time at home 'sorting'. We spent a small fortune in the garden centre (well once the shops finally opened!! We forgot that NZ is totally different from the UK over Easter and that EVERYTHING closes on Good Friday and Easter Sunday) buying pots, plants, seeds and soil in an attempt to add a bit more color and life into the garden. The sweet pea seeds that I bought are already shooting up nicely and the little hebe cutting that was given to us at Christmas is now in full bloom. We also organized the garage as we still had a huge mountain of boxes of stuff that used to be hidden away in the loft at Andrews Close. The garage is now looking pretty good as we have put up shelving units and organized everything. We can finally see the floor!!

We have had a few nights out, joining friends for a quiz night in the city on a couple of occasions. We also joined our 'old' neighbours for a visit to Princes Wharf to use our 'Grab One' vouchers to get us entry and a cocktail in Freddie's Ice Bar. We had to dress up in huge coats and gloves before entering as it is freezing cold in the bar. We had decided to start our night in there before heading off for dinner and a bit of a bar crawl around the viaduct. As a result of getting there early we had the place pretty much to ourselves for most of the time which was probably just as well as the place is tiny! Although it was tiny it was a cool experience (no pun intended!) as the place was filled with ice carvings, even our glasses were made of ice. We weren't allowed to take photos but I took a couple of sneaky shots when the bar girl popped out for a minute!

The kittens have loved having me home so much over the last 2 weeks. This week we got cat flaps fitted for them. After initial reluctance to go through they began to explore and now their favourite game is diving through as fast as they possibly can and as many times as they can. They are easily pleased! They are growing so quickly, Roxie hardly looks like a kitten anymore!

I am back to school on Monday and finally get my own class. On Monday I will have the grand total of 7 children!!! Yes you read it right, just 7. My class will grow over the term to about 17. The children start school as they turn 5 so each week I will get one or 2 more. I am looking forward to having my own class after a term of teaching all the other classes in the school. It has been nice to get to know all the children in the school though.

That's all folks....

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