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February 2012

Festivals, felines, family and friends!

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Hmmm so what have we been up to recently? Let's see........

Well I am finally back to school after more than 6 weeks of summer holidays! I don't have my own class until term 2 because I have the second intake of new entrants. So, when we go back on April 23rd I will start with 7 children and the class will grow over the next few weeks to 17 and possibly a few more as time goes on. This term I am covering every teacher's release time so I will be with all classes from year 1 to year 6. I have also been given the task of running the cricket club and taking the teams to the Inter Schools Sports Day - which, quite frankly, is ridiculous as I don't know a single thing about cricket!!! I guess I will be on a crash course of learning! Ha ha!

We had a trip to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park to celebrate Chinese New Year. We had a wander around and, of course, took some photos. It was absolutely packed and became more so as the night went on. The night ended with a festival firework finale. There was lots of ooooing and ahhhhhing and then we made our way back home.

Gerald's parents and sister Jenni spent a few hours with us last weekend as they were taking Jenni to Auckland airport after her stay in Whitianga. We managed to get the keys for our new place and show them around. It turned out the building company were having a garage sale to get rid of some of the items they use for 'staging' the show homes so all of us went home with some absolute bargains which was a bonus!

Last week we were coming back from our fitness class and came across a cat that could barely walk. It managed to make it's way over to us and being a scorching day I put some water in my hand which it polished off in seconds! After doing this several times I started to stroke it and realised that it was just skin and bones. On further inspection we noticed it also had filthy paws and was covered in fleas. We felt so sorry for it that we decided to let it have refuge in our garden and carried it the short walk home. After drinking pretty much none stop for 20 minutes it seemed to regain some strength and jumped up onto the garden bench and then the table to have a little sleep. Whenever we stroked it it just purred and purred.
We decided that if it hung around we would take it to the vet the next day and see if it was microchipped and, if not, would get it defleaed etc and give it a home. Before long it was trying to come into the house but being covered in fleas and having a strict 'no pets' policy we wouldn't let the poor little thing in. After several failed attempts it decided to head off! It hung around the path outside the house for a couple of hours and then left and has not been seen since......

While we are on the subject of cats, a friend of mine is a foster mum for kittens from the SPCA. She currently has 2 which should be ready in a couple of weeks or so and we are off to meet them tomorrow night in the hope that we may be considered suitable to adopt them. We decided a long time ago that as soon as we had our own place we would get a couple of rescue kittens and so hopefully these 2 cuties could be ours one day if all goes well!
Fingers crossed the SPCA don't give them to anybody else.

One of my old college friends is in NZ at the moment as she is married to a kiwi. They have recently had a baby so decided she should meet the family on this side of the world. We enjoyed drinks in the sunshine down at our local bar on the beachfront whilst catching up on all the latest news.

Yesterday we spent a few hours on the green at the end of our road. Coca Cola decided to put on a free concert and so we sat in the sunshine on Vellenoweth Green with friends of ours for a few hours chilling out to the music, chatting and making the most of the endless supplies of free coke that was being given out! A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Well I think that just about covers the latest turn of events!

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